Uganda & Rwanda 2009

A Joerl Travels Trip

Jan 28 – Feb 23


This trip will be a combination of leisurely classical East African savanna game drives, canoeing in swamps and hardcore rainforest birding for Albert Rift Valley endemics and Congo Basin specials. We will cover most of Uganda and Rwanda in 25 birding days. One or two days will include long distance traveling, but most of the localities we visit lies in order with short distances between them. The standard of accommodation is very varied; from luxury tented bush retreats with poolside bars and views over savanna and mountain ranges, to simple rainforest bandas without electricity. See full details in the localities and accommodation page, where you also find links to the hotels and lodges.
We will be guided by Alfred Twinomujuni from Bwindi, one of Uganda's most well-known pro bird guides and a member of Uganda Bird Guide's Club. He works with Avian Watch Uganda Ltd, who is our local organiser.

Grading: 4 Turkeys of 4 From hot tropical in the lower lying areas east of Lake Albert to temperate climate in the Virunga Mountains. Most of Uganda and Rwanda is over 1000m altitude, making the climate relatively cool and nice, despite the position at the Equator. We will visit areas lying between 600 - 2500m altitude. February is before the "big rains", but in the rainforest in the west you can expect rain year round, although not in huge amounts in Feb.
The tempo will as usual be maximized to get a good bird list for everyone, with full days during the whole trip. ("Alla skall med")

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