Texas and Pacific Mexico -07

A Joerl Travels Trip

March 10  – April 1


This will be a trip were we try to cover most of the Mexican West coast, including the oak - pine forests in the mountains, with a number of interesting endemics in the different states. We will start the trip in SE Texas to see wintering Whooping Crane, geese, ducks and sparrows. Then some days at the southern tip of Baja California, with desert animals, flowers and birds. A whale watching trip were you also can get some seabirds. Another seabird trip further south along the Mexican west coast. The last days of the trip will be spend in east and south-east Texas, to experience the spring migration.

Grading: 3 Turkeys of 4 (Hot, sunny subtropical - tropical climate. Most of the time at sea level)



Bird checklist (Version 2 Dec)

Trip reports


Equipment list

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