Ecuador 2008

A Joerl Travels Trip

February 1 – 27


This will be a trip were we try to cover most of the different habitats of northern Ecuador, which hosts one of the most diverse avifaunas on Earth. It is a relatively small area, therefore no long travel days. Most of the time we will stay at well situated lodges right at the sites.
We start with the Andean West slope during 10 days, from temperate cloudforest at 3000 m down into the tropical lowland of the Chocó Endemic Bird Area. The Chocó region covers the humid forest belt stretching from southwestern Colombia to northwestern Ecuador and is home to about 90 range-restricted species, of which 75 occur in Ecuador.
Then we fly to Coca, at the Río Napo, and go by boat to two different lodges in the Amazonas; Napo and Sani, both of which have bird lists of 550+ species.
Then we travel from the Andean foothills and a transient up through tropical - subtropical Andean East slope forest with a number of lodges during 8 days. Finally we reach the High Andean paramó at 4064 m at the Papallacta pass. We will also visit the Antisana volcano one day.
We will be guided by Boris Herrera from Andean Birding.

Grading: 4 Turkeys of 4 From hot tropical in the lowlands to temperate climate in the Andes, can even be cold above 3000m in the morning. Elevation: 500 - 4200 m. Very wet on the east slope and in the western lowlands (annual rainfall 13,000mm in some places).

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