Some useful links to Ecuadorian birdwatching and travel

Andean Birding, Bird guides & trip organizers, Quito; Roger Ahlman, Jonas Nilsson, Charles Vogt and Boris Herrera.
The guides:
Their tours:
Their link collection: Andean BIRDING link collection

Tropical Birding trip organizers Western slope tour, 13 days.

Where do you want to go birding today ? Ecuador !


Bird songs from tropical America (15 000 recording, 1200 species from Ecuador).

XENO-CANTO: Recordings of 3083 species in the Neotropics.
That's 68.02% of the total number of 4532 species in the Neotropics. 1200 from Ecuador.

Nature Worldwide's Ecuador Bird List

AviFauna Ecuador med Galápagos + extravecka i Amazonas 28 juli - 22 augusti 2007 (Swedish Orn. Soc. bird trips)
Pris: 60 000:-

Ecuador explorer. Good site with lots of info and links;

BirdLife International, Ecuador trip report collection, 345 (!!) reports

BirdLife International, Endemic Bird Areas (EBA:s) in Equador & neighboring countries:
Andean ridge-top forest (#047)(EC, PE)
Central Andean páramo (#043) (EC, PE, CO)
Chocó (#041) (EC, CO)
Ecuador-Peru East Andes (#044) (EC, PE, CO)
Galápagos Islands (#031) (EC)
Northern Central Andes (#042) (EC, CO)
Southern Central Andes (#046) (EC, PE)
Tumbesian region (#045) (EC, PE)
Upper Amazon-Napo lowlands (#066) (EC, PE, CO, BR)

Avibase, BirdLife, Ecuador checklist, based on Clements ed. 6, 2007. In English   På svenska

A classification of the bird species of South America (South American Classification Committee, American Ornithologists' Union)

Taxonomiska nyheter, främst från Nya världen. Heliangelus Naturresor (in Swedish)


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