Philippine birding trip reports

Don Roberson & Blake Matheson, USA. Philippines 6 Dec 2005 - 6 Jan 2006.
Excellent up-to-date report with photos. Private trip with Tim Fisher as leader.

Henrik Lind & Göran Andersson, Sweden. The Philippines 2 Feb - 7 March 2005.
Download report (pdf, 464 K). Excellent, with photos. Tim organised the trip, led a few days.

Markus Lagerqvist, Sweden. The Philippines 14 Feb - 13 March 2003.
Download report (pdf, 120 K)

Roger Ahlman, Sweden. The Philippines 6 Dec 2001 - 6 Jan 2002.
Download report (pdf, 436 K). Excellent report. With maps. Tim organised and led.

Aidan G. Kelly, Ireland. Mindanao, Cebu, Bohol, and Luzon (Philippines), March 2-26, 2000.
Download report (pdf, 320 K)

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Birdquest tours, Uk. Reports. Note: next trip in Feb, they will return home 5 March 2006.

This trip with Birdtours, UK will go 5-25 March 2006, so we will collide at Mt. Makaling 5-6 March, but not after that.

Susan 2002

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The Swedish reports at the top of this page is from Swedish Club 300 trip report archive (where you even find Jirle & Kjellén 1987).

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