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All runestones and runic carvings in the picture gallery were photographed from March to August 2015 except the stone in Copenhagen, Denmark (2008).
There are currently 56 known old runestones in Skåne, all of them are depicted.
The pictures come in chronological order. For register, see the end of this page.

Many thanks to my friend Rune Svensson, Lund, who got me interested in runestones, adviced me about reference books, and collected data about the stones in Annelöv, Konga , Älleköpinge and others.
It was also Rune who arranged a visit to the basement of the Historical Museum in Lund to see three stones not available for the public. Rune can be seen on the photos from Copenhagen and Kongaö.

The numbering of the Scanian runestones are of three types:

Text & photo ©: Erling Jirle. Camera: Nikon D7000.   Updated 1 Sept 2015.   E-mail.

To the photo gallery of all runestones in Scania (Skåne)

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Introduction to the photo gallery of runestones in Småland

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Photo gallery of all the runestones in Blekinge

Register of all Scanian runestones with links to the photos. (Observe that there are more pictures in the photo gallery, including pictures of information signs)

DR 258: BösarpDR 275: SolbergaDR 287: Bjäresjö 1 DR 314: Lund 1DR 330: Gårdstånga 2DR 345: Simris 2
DR 259: Fuglie 1DR 276: ÖrsjöDR 288: Bjäresjö 2DR 315: Lund 2DR 331: Gårdstånga 3DR 347: N. Åsum
DR 260: Fuglie 2DR 277: S. VillieDR 289: Bjäresjö 3DR 316: N. NöbbelövDR 333: ÖrjaDR 350: Hästveda
DR 262: FosieDR 278: V. NöbbelövDR 290: Sövestad 1DR 317: VallkärraDR 334: V. Strö 1FV 1968:282: Annelöv
DR 264: Hyby 1DR 279: SjörupDR 291: Sövestad 2DR 318: HåstadDR 335: V. Strö 2RAÄ 166: Färlöv
DR 266: UppåkraDR 280: Skårby 1DR 294: BaldringeDR 321: V. KarabyDR 337: VallebergaRAÄ 24:1: Konga
DR 268: Ö. VemmenhögDR 281: Skårby 2DR 295: Hällestad 1DR 324: Stora HarrieDR 338: GlemmingeRAÄ 4:1: Kverrestad
DR 269: KällstorpDR 282: Hunnestad 1DR 296: Hällestad 2DR 325: DagstorpDR 339: Stora KöpingeRAÄ Åhus 4:1: Älleköpinge
DR 270: SkivarpDR 283: Hunnestad 2DR 297: Hällestad 3DR 328: HolmbyDR 343: Ö. HerrestadDR 261: Lindholmenamuletten
DR 271: TullstorpDR 284: Hunnestad 3DR 298: DalbyDR 329: Gårdstånga 1DR 344: Simris 1Dopfunt, Höör. Kalkvägg, Åhus. Brakteat, Väsby