On this trip we are lucky to have a brand new complete field guide covering all species;

Hilty, Steven L. Birds of Venezuela. Helm Field Guides. 2003. 1381 species. 878 pp. (Short: BoV)
Have it: ALL   Bring: ALL.

Replaces the old classic;
de Schauensee, R.R. & Phelps, W.H.Jr. A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela. Princeton 1978. 424 pp.
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Also a new site guide is available;
Goodwin, M.L. Birding in Venezuela. Lynx Edicions. 5th ed. 2003. 332 pp.(Short: BiV)
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There is a new checklist for northern South America;
Rodner & Restall. Checklist of the Birds of Northern South America.
2000. Covers 2245 species and their distribution. 248 SEK at Naturbokhandeln.
Have it: Bengt-Eric   Bring: Bengt-Eric.

Handbook of the Birds of the World. Vol 1-9. Lynx Edicions.(Short: HBW)
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The following old classics can now be left on the shelf;

Fjeldså, J. & Krabbe, N. Birds of the High Andes. 1990.

Ridgely, R.S. & Tudor, G. The Birds of South America. Vol I and II. Passerines.

Bird Sound Recordings

Our bird guide will have recordings, so in this trip we don't have to work hard to get recordings or bringing equipment. But for practice in advance the following are available;
200 Venezuelan Birds. Carlo Ferraro. CD for Windows. £ 33:49 NHBS.
Contains video images of over 200 Venezuelan birds in their natural habitats, with accompanying sounds. Birds are identified by their scientific, English and Spanish names and descriptions are given about biology and behaviour.


Mammals of the Neotropics: The Northern Cone, Vol 1:
John F. Eisenberg 1989 £ 31:30 at nhbs (details)
Have it: Joakim ?  Bring: 0.

Emmons, L.H. Neotropical Rainforest Mammals. A Field Guide. Chicago Press 1990. 281 pp.
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Kevin Healley's Travel Map of Venezuela. Scale 1:1,750,00 . ITMB 2000.
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Branch, H.D. Venezuela. The Bradt Travel Guide. Fourth ed. 2003.
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Erling Jirle. 18 Nov 2004.