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Pictures: Sword-billed Hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera, female), Colombia, 2011. Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa), Norrbotten, Sweden, 1996. Photo: Erling Jirle.


Below is a list of web pages with bird taxonomy in Sweden and abroad. Most of the pages in the list below below are iFramed to the Swedish Taxonomic Committee web pages at the Swedish Ornithologial Society (SOF) web site.

The information page "Eurobirdnet-Sweden" was closed 2010, since EBN has lost it's importance as a source of reports about rare birds or invasions in Europe. EBN was was very active between 1990-2005, with national coordinators collecting information, but the last years it has declined sharply to be that source of information. See EBN history page or the Archive pages.

The list with E-mail to 480 Swedish ornithologists & organisations ("Skådarregistret") was closed 30 Nov 2010.

Lists and info pages:

Holarktis fåglar, en lista över samtliga fågelarter i Holarktis, med svenska, vetenskapliga och engelska namn. Version 4 – feb 2013 .
Swedish flag  För en introduktion till listan, och nya förändringar, se introduktionen på Taxonomikommitténs hemsida. Här kan man också ladda ner listan som pdf eller i olika excelformat, och se listan över fotnoter.

Holarctic birds, a list of all bird species in the Holarctic region, with Swedish, scientific and English names. Version 4 – Feb 2013 .  
English flag   For an introduction to the list, and comments on newly added species, see the Swedish Taxonomic Committee homepage. Here you can also download the list in pdf- and excel format, and also see the footnote list.

Familjelistan, alla världens fågelfamiljer och ordningar (med engelska, vetenskapliga och svenska namn). Version 7 – dec 2012   Swedish flag   För introduktion till listan och nerladdningsbara versioner, se Tk:s hemsida.

List of all bird families and orders (with English, Scientific and Swedish names)  English flag  For downloadable versions, see the Taxonomy Committee homepage.

Joerl Travels bird trip reports and trip preparing websites (in English, with photo galleries)   English flag

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Updated 18 July 2013. Erling Jirle, Lund, Sweden.