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Probably the best beer club in the world

Ratings of >3500 beers from 115 countries.

(Vörtstyrkan is Swedish and means ”the wort force”)

May the wort force be with you!

Newer database: Total list database 2003–now (countrywise, ≈ 2000 beers tasted 2003-now)

Older database; year 1983–2002 (countrywise, 6 sections, all 1917 different beers tasted 1983-2002)

Some important facts 1983-2015:

Top list 1983–2015 (the 107 best beers ever, rated above 4.49) (updated 15 Aug 2015)

Puke beer (disgusting beers, 67 brands rated lower than 1.76)   (updated 15 Aug 2015)

The 200 strongest beers (10 % abv. or more. Say no MORE! Updated 15 Aug 2015)

All countries Erling’s country list; which countries we have tried, and not (updated 24 Aug 2019).

The longest beer names  (> 50 letters or so....., updated 15 Aug 2015)

ENG: The members in Vörtstyrkan present themselves (more or less) at the warm-up before the Annual Meeting in Bessinge. April 2011. Tasting no. 619. (You can choose HD quality at )

SV: Medlemmarna i Ölklubben Vörtstyrkan presenterar sig (mer eller mindre) på uppvärmningen inför det årliga ”Åsmötet” i Bessinge, LinderödsÅSen, Skåne. April 2011. (HD-kvalitet går att välja på

    Number of tastings included:  747

    Number of tasted beers: >4850

    Number of different beers: approximately 3500

    Represented countries: 115 (+14 territories)

    Amount of tasted beer:  approximately  3200 liters

    Amount of pure alcohol: approximately 210 liters

    Amount of dip sauce: approximately 412 liters

YouTube video: Beercamp 31 July 2011. (Same channel as the video above)

List of all Swedish breweries at



Country rating (mean value/country) (updated 15 Aug 2015)

Two photos from Beercamp 2015: First session served.............. and; the Beercamp finished.

The Vörtstyrkan web site was created October 1995. Updated 24 August 2019.

Webmaster and permanent secretary:

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List of Swedish breweries which Vörtstyrkan hasn’t tried yet