Country details

States with recent souvereignity

Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) 6-7 April 1992-
Croatia (HR) 25 June 1991-
Czech Republic (CZ) 1 Jan 1993-
Eritrea 24 May 1993-
Estonia (EST) 20 Aug 1991-
Latvia (LV) 21 Aug 1991-
Lithuania (LT) 11 March 1990-
Macedonia (MK) 1992-
(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, not fully accepted as a nation yet)
Moldavia (MD) 1991-
Russia (RUS) Dec 1991-
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1983-
Serbia 5 Feb 2003 -
Slovakia (SK) 1 Jan 1993-
Slovenia (SLO) June 1991-

Former states

Czechoslovakia (CS) - 31 Dec 1992

German Democratic Republic (DDR);
Reunification with the Federal Republic of Germany (D) 3 Oct 1990

Soviet Union (USSR) - Dec 1991

Yugoslavia - 4 Feb 2003 (changed name to Serbia 5 Feb)

* States and areas without full souvereignity

Cook Islands
(In association with New Zeeland, but have possibility to get fully independent)

Faroe Islands (FR)
(Integrated with Denmark)

French Polynesia
(Classified as "territoires d'Outre-Mer")

Guernsey (GBG, Free State, belonging to Britain)
Jersey   (GBJ, Free State, belonging to Britain)

Palestinian West Bank (Proposed state)

Puerto Rico (Associated with the USA)

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