Sawa Hotel (A) (WBA)

Sawa Novotel the same hotel ?
Online bookings on;
Sawa Novotel, BP 2345, Ave. de Verdun, Douala Tel #: (237) 42-0866, Fax #: (237) 42-3871

Hotel Ibis (A) (WBA) Online via not available any more
But OK online according to;
Rue Pierre Loti, Douala. Tel : (237) 42-5817, Fax : (237) 42-3605
(Mentioned in Vermuelen travel report)
Hotel de l'Air (B) (WBA)
Catholic Procure (Franceville Street) (C) (WBA)

Le Meridien Douala
Avenue Des Cocotiers, Bp 3232, Douala
Booking online via "Hotelwiz"; or via Fastnet;
Tel : (237) 42-6136, Fax : (237) 42-3507
Others from travel reports;
Baptist mission (harbour)
Hotel Lido
Foyer du Marin

Car Rental:
Hertz, Airport Doula (code: DLA). 380 $ per week for a compact manual.


Not found on the Internet.
In Hornbuckle travel report; Hotel Relais de Saint Hubert.

Mount Cameroon

Buea: Services and Sites
Buea Tourist Office. Tel. 32 25 34 Daily fee for permit to climb the mountain, including a guide, $15.00. Give at least one day's notice, and
come with passports for each member of your party. We recommend you contact Amadou Usman, licensed guide (32 25 62) who will arrange
for permits on your behalf. In addition to guiding you up Mount Cameroon, Amadou offers tours of Tole Tea Plantation, and trips to outlying.

Flats Hotel (A/B) (WBA)

Mountain Hotel (B) (WBA)
Online booking: (***) tel: +237()-3322235, 5 singles, 21 doubles
Buea Mountain Hotel is the place mentioned in Hornbuckle travel report.
Also online via;
Tel #: (237) 32-2251 (ej samma som ovan !)

And photo and map on a third site;
With the text;
Mountain Hotel. BP 71 Tel: 32 22 35 Fax: 39 26 27 Offers the advantage over other Buea hotels of being in a quiet, more remote
location. It's relatively higher elevation results in cooler temperatures. The place is somewhat 'tired', but current management are trying to
spiff things up. It has gardens and a pool. Choice of standard room with bath ($10 - 15) or chalet with sitting room and kitchen ($20 30).
Parliamentarian Flats. BP 20. Tel. 32 24 59 Opposite the Mountain Hotel. Quiet location, with eucalyptus forests of Mount Cameroon
behind. Standard room with bath -- $10 15. Full English breakfast for $2.00. Café and bar.
Hotel Mermoz. BP 13. Tel: 32 23 49 On the old road to Limbe via Tole. In a somewhat busier neighbourhood. Rooms with bath and TV. $10.
Pavilion Hotel. BP 57. Tel: 32 25 86 Conveniently located for the University of Buea and surrounding area. Rooms with bath, phone, TV. $10 - $15. On the grounds of and run by the OIC Vocational / Technical School.
Presbyterian Mission. BP 19. Rough Guide indicates basic double rooms, choice of private or shared bath. Map

Ask for permission to stay in a village house on giving the Chief a small gift (he likes whisky) (WBA)

Tabai Park (Miramar) Hotel (B) (WBA)
ADDRESS: PO Box 10, Limbe. Tel #: (237) 237-332154
Online booking via:

Atlantic Beach Hotel (WBA)

At the Limbe unofficial hompage;
good photos of the hotels at the beach;
Park Hotel Miramar. BP 63 Tel: 33 23 32 / 33 26 89 Fax: 42 08 45. Managed by the same people as the Atlantic Beach Hotel (below). Double rooms are about $20.00 per person per night. The hotel is situated on the ocean, though not on a beach. Pool.
(Suggested in the Itinerary for 2003, but the next one is probably also OK);
Atlantic Beach Hotel. [same contact info at Miramar]. Undergoing a face-lift when we were there. The hotel is situated right on the rocky shoreline.
It has a range of rooms from chalets ($50) to basic doubles ($20). All are ensuite, with TV (including CNN). Most have A/C. The hotel offers a good
standard of service. Restaurant on a terrace by the ocean serves tasty and well presented dinners starting at about $5.00. Pool. Room rates include continental breakfast.

There is a variety of smaller and less expensive hotels in Limbe. However, they tend to be in somewhat busier and noisier areas, and are not on the
waterfront. The Seme New Beach Resort BP 130, Tel: 33 22 26 at mile 11 on the West Coast Road offers the most secluded location, a nice beach, and
well maintained grounds. Non-guests are charged a $0.70 admission fee to enter the grounds and use the beach.

Hotel Meme Pilot (B) (WBA)

Hotel Seme Beach
Photos from the mountain:
For information on the mountain and to arrange an ascent contact
The Mount Cameroon Ecotourism Organisation
P.O.Box 60 Buea S.W.P. Email:

Mount Kupé

To book in advance contact WWF Cameroon, BP 2417, PMB 1 Bonanjo, Doula (tel/fax: 237432171) (WBA)
It is possible to stay in the Guesthouse (C) or with lical families, and there are campsites (without facilities) on the Shrike and Max's Trails (arrange use in village) (WBA)
Alson's Guesthouse (WBA)
Trip reports at Mt. Kupé; Nyasoso village (WWF)/local guesthouse.

Korup National Park

There are two headquarters for Korup NP, at Mundemba in the south and at Nguti in the north.
Iyaz Hotel (B) (WBA)
(Mentioned also in both travel reports). Not found on the Internet. Korup NP:
camping (take own supplies) (WBA)
Safariland Hotel (C) (WBA)
camping (take own supplies) (WBA)

The Korup National Park Project, WWF:
On this site, updated updated 2001:
For more information contact:
John Nchami, Communications Officer,
WWF-Cameroon Programme Office. Tel: +237 21 70 83 Fax: +237 21 70 85 Email:
Or Dr. Hanson Njiforti, Project Manager, Korup
P.O. Box 2417 Douala-Cameroon, Tel: 00871 76161 7083 Fax: 00871 76161 7084 Email: --
Trip reports; Rengo Camp & Picathartes Knoll

Bamenda Highlands

Guesthouse (WBA)
Safari Lodge (WBA)
Mondial Hotel (B) (WBA)

Ayaba Hotel. PO Box 315, Bamenda. tel: +237()-3361356
Online booking; (***) 95 doubles
Travel reports; Vermuelen used Mondial Hotel. Hornbuckle another, not found on the Internet; Hotel Skyline.

Ngaoundaba Ranch

Ngaoundaba Ranch (B) (WBA)
This is the place to stay at the Adamawa plateau (both travel reports). Not found on the Internet.

Benoue National Park

Campement du Bufflé Noir (A) (WBA).
To book in advance contact Provincial Tourism Service, BP 50, Garoua (tel: 271020). There are several other campements. (Tchollire?).
(both travel reports mention Buffle Noir).

Mandara Mountains

Accomodation in Rumsiki (WBA)

Waza National Park

Campement de Waza (A) (WBA)
To book in advance contact Provincial Tourism Service, BP 50, Garoua (tel: 271020).
This is the place mentioned in 2 travel reports.
Another is; Auberge de Mora Massif.
Auberge le Podoko (C) (WBA)
ask for permission (WBA)

Lake Chad

150 km N Waza, is currently considered unsafe for travellers owing to the presence of bandits and continuing border diputes.


Camping only (WBA)

Dja Reserve

Accomdodation: none (WBA) : none


HOTEL TRANSC, N'GAOUNDERE Tel : (237) 25-1172
Online booking:


MIZAO NOVOTEL MAROUA, BP 205, MAROUA Tel #: (237) 29-1300
Online booking:

General info:

For information on access and accomodation:
The Park Advisor, Korup Project, WWF Cameroon, BP 2417, PMB 1 Bonanjo, Doula. (Tel/fax: 237 4321171).

HOTELS: Good accommodation of international standard is available
in Douala, Yaoundé, Bamenda, Garoua and Maroua. The good
hotels (government-rated 2-star and above) have air-conditioning,
sports facilities and swimming pools; most rooms have showers.
Most large hotels will accept major credit cards. Rates are for the
room only. Cheaper accommodation is also available.
Campement accommodation, with two pavilions and individual
rooms comprised of straw huts, is available just outside Waza
National Park, north of Maroua in the far north of the country.
Hotel facilities are in heavy demand: it is advisable to book in
advance, and to obtain confirmation of your booking in writing. For
more information on hotels in Cameroon, contact the Ministry of
Tourism (see address section).

More info on specific resorts and excursions:


Updated 25 March 2002