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Las Aves de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Distribucion y Estatus

T Narosky and AG Di Giacomo

Distribution atlas for the Buenos Aires Province, covering 502 species.

127 pages, maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 25.95 - 1993 -
Order Code: #31341W Paperback

Key Areas for Threatened Birds in the Neotropics
DC Wege and AJ Long

Presents the detailed information compiled and published in Threatened Birds of the Americas: The ICBP/IUCN Red Data Book, with the aim of making this data more accessible and useful to conservation planners, managers and decision-makers. Presented both by area and on a country-by-country basis, priority and protected areas are documented, and their location given on 2 maps per country.

312 pages, illus, tabs, maps.
BirdLife International
Price GBP 29.00 - 1995 -
Order Code: #33606W Paperback

OUT OF PRINT. Erling har den.

A Birders Guide to Travel in Argentina
N Gardner and D Gardner

Comprehensive guide to birding in Argentina, giving general background information on organising a trip (travel, accommodation, climate etc) and full descriptions of all the major ornithological sites in the country, how to reach them and what to expect.

75 pages, 29 maps, A4 format. [1990]

Guia Para la Identificacion de las Aves de Argentina y Uruguay
T Narosky and D Yzurieta

Spanish version of Birds of Argentina and Uruguay.

Language: Spanish

Of related interest:
Birds of Argentina and Uruguay

345 pages, col illus, maps.
Country of Publication: Argentina
Price GBP 54.50 -Edition 4 1993 -
Order Code: #22849W Paperback

The Birds of Chile: A Field Guide
Braulo Araya and Sharon Chester

Covers all 448 species recorded on Mainland Chile, Easter Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. Each is given English, Spanish, German and scientific names, full descriptions, and distribution, with a line drawing.

400 pages, 400 line illus, 1 map.
Price GBP 27.95 - 1993 -
Order Code: #25508W Paperback

En bättre och modernare är;
Field Guide to the Birds of Chile.  : Due November 2003.
Alvaro Jaramillo.
text opposite the color plates. Incl. Antarctic, Falklands, South Georgia. 288 pages. Paperback. Code 140020M #19.99

BIRDS OF SOUTH AMERICA Bengt-Eric har vol 1-2, Erling vol 1. Förkortas BSA.
Robert S Ridgely and Guy Tudor

Over 3,100 species of bird, a third of the world's total, are resident or migrant in South America. This planned 4-volume work will, when completed, provide the most complete guide to this incredible avifauna. It is written and illustrated by two of the foremost authorities on neotropical ornithology, using extensive field observation and study of museum specimens. Each volume starts with brief chapters on migration and conservation. There then follows the colour plates, with brief notes on facing pages. The bulk of the book comprises the text, giving for each species a full description, similar species, habitat and behaviour, range, habits and voice, plus a distribution map. The first two volumes are now published, completing coverage of the Passerines.

This series contains the following volumes:
Volume 1 - The Oscine Passerines
Volume 2 - The Suboscine Passerines Price: GBP 39.50 [1994] #5452W
Volume 3 - The Nonpasserines: Landbirds Price not yet announced [In preparation] #5453W
Volume 4 - The Nonpasserines: Waterbirds Price not yet announced [In preparation] #5454W

Birds of the High Andes Erling har den. Förkortas HA.
A Manual to the Birds of the Temperate Zone of the Andes and Patagonia, South America

N Krabbe

A beautifully illustrated and much needed guide, written by two leading experts on the birdlife of the High Andes. Of the world's 9000 bird species, nearly 900 are found in this region, and are all described and illustrated here. The area covered is the temperate and alpine zones of the Andean region, from Venezuela and Colombia in the north, through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, to the southernmost point on the coast of Chile. For each species, there is a full description, including plumage, habits, voices, breeding, habitat selection and range, plus detailed distribution maps. The colour plates depict over two thousand separate plumages in nearly one thousand species and subspecies. In addition there are numerous line drawings showing differential details, postures and nests. A landmark work on the avifauna of South America.

880 pages, 170 x 240 mm, 64 col plates, line drawings, maps.
Country of Publication: Denmark
Price GBP 99.50 - 1990 -
Order Code: #6582W Hardback

Checklist of the Birds of South America
A Altman and B Swift

Welcome reappearance of this complete checklist of all the bird species occurring in the mainland countries of the continent, together with those of the southern Caribbean islands, whose avifauna is essentially South American.

84 pages [1989]

Field Check-List to the Birds of Argentina
R Straneck and G Carrizo

Useful checklist giving names for 983 species of Argentine bird in four languages - Latin, Spanish, German and English. Includes a map of the provinces and space for notes.

96 pages, line drawings.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 15.50 - 1991 -
Order Code: #17252W Spiralbound

Martin R De La Pena

A guide describing all the Argentine species, with habits, breeding, voice, habitat, field description and distribution (including map). Text in Spanish, with each species given local, Latin and English name. The colour plates by Luis Huber cover all described species. The most complete work currently available on the country. Originally published in 6 volumes, both the Non-Passerine and Passerine volumes are both undergoing revision and will condensed into a single volume each. Both will be published in 1996, the passerine volume preceeding the non-passerine volume by a few months.

This series contains the following volumes:
Part 5: Passeriformes I (First Edn)
Part 6: Passeriformes II (First Edn)
Complete Set (5 volumes) Price: GBP 91 #10636W

A Guide to the Birds of South America
RM De Schauensee

The 1982 reprint of this classic work, sadly without the colour plates, but still invaluable for the information it contains.

463 pages, 4 maps, 22 line drawings [by George Sutton].
Kansas MNH, USA
Price GBP 29.50 - 1982 -
Order Code: #839W Paperback

Ornithological Gazetteer of Argentina
Raymond A Paynter

Much revised edition.

509 pages, 1 map.
Harvard MCZ, USA
Price GBP 84.50 -Edition 2 1995 -
Order Code: #42452W Paperback

Where to Watch Birds in South America Bengt-Eric har den. Förkortas W.
Nigel Wheatley

A general site guide, covering continental South America, the Galapagos Islands, the Falkland Islands, Netherland Antilles, Trinidad & Tobago, and Antarctic seatrips. Over 200 sites are detailed, with general travel information, accommodation, transport, safety & health.

431 pages, b/w illus, maps.
Christopher Helm
Price GBP 16.99 - 1994 -
Order Code: #33661W Hardback [digital reproduction]

La Avifauna de la Isla de los Estados, Islas de Ano Nuevo y Mar Circundante
(Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)

Juan Carlos Chebez and YCC Bertonatti

Avifauna of this group of islands off the southern tip of South America.

64 pages, 2 maps, tabs.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 21.95 - 1994 -
Order Code: #41188W Paperback

Inventario de Aves del Parque Nacional el Rey Salta, Argentina
Realizado en el Marco del Convenio entre la Asociación del Plata y la Administracion de Parques Nacionales

M Babarskas, JO Veiga and FC Filiberto

Inventory of this national park in northern Argentina.

44 pages, figs, maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 20.50 - 1995 -
Order Code: #50239W Paperback

Aves Argentinas - Lista y Distribucion
Martin Rodolfo de la Pena

244 pages, maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 9.50 - 1999 -
Order Code: #105127W Paperback

Birds of Argentina and Uruguay
A Field Guide

T Narosky and D Yzurieta

Covers all known Argentine and Uruguayan species, a total of 975 species. These also represent 94% of those in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 95% in Paraguay, 52% in Bolivia, and 85% in Chile.
Species accounts with brief identification hints, distribution maps and colour illustrations. Overall quality is not as good as European or North American guides, but in the absence of any similar guides, this is still an invaluable work.
Fourth Spanish Edition also available: #22849 47.50
337 pages, 2000 colour illus, line drawings, maps.
Country of Publication: Argentina
Price GBP 56.00 -Edition 2 1989 -
Order Code: #187W Paperback

Nidificacion de las Aves Argentinas
(Formicariidae a Cinclidae)

R Fraga and S Narosky

96 pages, figs.
AO del Plata, Argentina
Price GBP 25.50 - 1985 -
Order Code: #44806W Paperback

Cien Aves Argentinas
P Canevari and T Narosky

Describes 100 species of bird to be found in Argentina, each illustrated with a colour photograph showing it in its natural habitat.

126 pages, col photos.
Country of Publication: Argentina
Price GBP 16.95 - 1995 -
Order Code: #45641W Paperback

Aves de Costanera Sur y Ciudad de Buenos Aires
T Narosky, D Yzurieta and C Henschke

Guide to birds to be found around Buenos Aires.

72 pages, col illus. [1996]

Las Aves de la Provincia de Buenos Aires: Distribucion y Status
T Narosky and A Di Giacomo

128 pages, b/w illus, maps. [1993]

Inventario de las Aves del Parque Nacional "Calilegua" Jujuy, Argentina
Di Giacomo, Di Giacomo and Caradonna

With pocket-size checklist.

LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 13.95 - 2000 -
Order Code: #65192W Paperback

Argentina: World Map for Argentina
Scale: 2M.

Ecological and Distributional Databases for Neotropical Birds
Theodore A Parker, Douglas F Stotz and John W Fitzpatrick

ASCII-delimited files. Contains all the raw data which was compiled and tabulated in Neotropical Birds, a unique synthesis of ecological information on all 4,037 species of birds found from Mexico south to Tierra del Fuego.

Of related interest:
Neotropical Birds

Chicago UP, USA
Price GBP 14.69 - 1996 -
Order Code: #76170W Diskette (DOS)

Collins Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica Erling m.fl. har denna. Bör skaffas av alla. Resans "Van Perlo". Förkortas BSSA.
Martín R de la Peña and Maurice Rumboll

The first field guide to illustrate every species of bird found in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil and Uruguay. 1140 species are illustrated in colour and appear on pages opposite the text for quick and easy reference. The plates will facilitate the identification of males, females, and juveniles, and are complemented by distribution maps. The text details the kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls of each species.

304 pages, 97 col plates, 5 b/w plates, distribution maps.
Harper Collins
Price GBP 14.99 (reduced from 19.99 until 31/03/2004) - 1998 -
Order Code: #66504W Paperback

A Birders Field Checklist of the Birds of Argentina
Dave Sargeant

25 pages, 995+ species.
Price GBP 8.50 - 1995 -
Order Code: #82592W Spiralbound

Birds of the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn / Aves del Canal Beagle y Cabo de Hornos
E Couve and C Vidal

Provides a guide to all of the birds recorded in the region. Those found most commonly are accompanied by a comprehensive description detailing their geographical range and status, along with a photograph of the bird for identification purposes. Areas covered include: the Southern part of Chilean and Argentinian Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Staten Island (Argentina), the Southern islands of Beagle Channel including the Cape Horn Archipelago and Diego Ramirez Islands (Chile) and surounding waters.

265 pages, col photos.
Country of Publication: Chile
Price GBP 11.95 (reduced from 14.95 until 31/03/2004) - 2000 -
Order Code: #113898W Paperback

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Argentina/Lista Comentada de las Aves Argentinas Erling har denna. Taxonomiska kommentarer inlagda i vår checklista.
Juan Mazar Barnett and Mark Pearman

Provides a complete checklist in grid format with in-depth analysis of 54 hypothetical species, detailed notes on 34 species recorded for the first time since 1987, notes on the last record for 42 rarities, an evaluation of 34 species now considered erroneous, and a listing of threatened, endemic and introduced species. All information is summarised with brief, cross-referenced species texts, and thus the Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Argentina doubles as a field aid and a definitive reference work, The list brings together a wealth of information, combining extensive recent data with a re-evaluation of the historical literature and re-examination of critical museum specimens.

Language: Text in Spanish and English

164 pages, tabs, maps.
Lynx, Spain
Price GBP 9.95 - 2001 -
Order Code: #121126W Paperback

Guia de Aves de Patagonia y Tierra del Fuego
Tito Narosky, Marcos Barbarskas and Dario Yzurieta

The authors of Birds of Argentina and Uruguay present this identification guide to 273 species, with information on distribution, observation sites, nesting, breeding and migration. Extensive background is also provided on the various ecosystems of the coasts, the steppe, the Andean chain and the achipelagos.

127 pages, col photos, illus, maps.
Price GBP 25.50 - 2001 -
Order Code: #125595W Paperback


Birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula
The Falkland Islands and South Georgia

E Couve and C Vidal

Comprehensive field guide to all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula, including the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. It describes over 400 species with over 1500 illustrations and photographs. Descriptive accounts are provided for each species covering identification, status, range and habits. Distribution maps are also included.

c. 600 pages, photos, illus.
Country of Publication: Chile
Price GBP 19.99 - NYP 2003 -
Order Code: #134338W Paperback

The Birds of Argentina
Russell Rogers

18 pages
Country of Publication: USA
Price GBP 4.95 - 1992 -
Order Code: #86001W Paperback

Handbook of the Birds of the World.
Volym 1-8. Erling har alla.

Bird calls

Cantos de las Aves Argentinas
Songs of Argentine Birds

Roberto Straneck
160 pages, 8 books, 4 cassettes, illus, maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 51.11 - -
Order Code: #67079W Cassette

Sonidos de Aves de Calilegua
Birdsounds of Calilegua

Niels Krabbe et al

The Calilegua National Park, created in 1979, is on the northern border of Argentina and has an especially rich avifauna.

80 minutes, 35-page booklet included.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 47.59 - 2001 -
Order Code: #130191W Cassette

Songs of the Antbirds
Phyllis R Isler and Bret M Whitney

Antbirds are one of the largest, most diverse groups of birds in the New World, with more than 270 species occupying a wide range of habitats in the vast Neotropical region between northern Mexico and north-central Argentina. This three-CD set features the songs of nearly all currently recognized antbird species.

3 CD set, 54pp booklet.
Cornell LO, USA
Price GBP 37.01 - 2002 -
Order Code: #134309W CD


This series contains the following volumes:
Volume 1 Birds of the Hill Forest of Southern Peru and Bolivia Price: GBP 13.51* [2000] #123197W
Volume 2 Birds of the Cloud Forest of Southern Peru and Bolivia Price: GBP 15.22* [2000] #123198W

Natural History & Travel Guides

The National Parks of Argentina and Other Natural Areas
Francisco Erize et al

First comprehensive overview of the numerous ecoregions of Argentina, with their ecological features and their main plant and animal components. Describes the main protected areas including all National Parks, as well as those firmly established or more promising natural reserves of the private and the provincial systems. These sites are presented as subtopics within the chapters dealing with the respective ecoregions, in order to combine a wider understanding of their ecology and their specific characteristics. Presents an overall view of the biological richness of the country.

238 pages, col photos.
Country of Publication: Argentina
Price GBP 39.00 - 1995 -
Order Code: #138979W Hardback

Insight Guide: Argentina
Edited by Huw Hennessey

382 pages, photos, illus, maps.
Insight Guides
Price GBP 16.99 - 2000 -
Order Code: #74124W Paperback

Travel Companion: Argentina
G Leitner

Travel guide, describing over 2000 localities including national parks.

847 pages, illus, col photos, maps. [1991]

Lonely Planet Travel Guides: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay Erling har den.
B Greensfelder, S Bao, C Hubbard, A Murphy and D Palmerlee

744 pages, col photos, 136 maps.
Lonely Planet
Price GBP 14.99 -Edition 4 2002 -
Order Code: #130034W Paperback

Lonely Planet Walking Guides: Trekking in the Patagonian Andes
With Illustrated Flora and Fauna Section

Clem Lindenmayer

A comprehensive adventure trekking guide to Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, with over 28 detailed route descriptions, including: 27 high-quality, `road-tested' trekking maps; an illustrated flora and fauna section; guidelines for environmentally responsible trekking; and walks in both accessible and more remote areas, including 16 national parks and reserves.

305 pages, 12 pp col photos, b/w photos, illus, 27 maps.
Lonely Planet
Price GBP 11.99 -Edition 2 1998 -
Order Code: #70255W Paperback

Rough Guide: Argentina
Danny Aeberhard

704 pages, 12 col photos, maps.
Rough Guides
Price GBP 14.99 - 2000 -
Order Code: #105337W Paperback

A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia
Graham Harris

First English guidebook to the region, covering the two thousand miles of the coast of Argentinian Patagonia, from Peninsula Valdes to the Strait of Magellan. It describes 185 bird and 61 mammal species, with natural histories for the most common. Extensively illustrated by the author, all of the accounts list common names (English, Spanish and scientific) and descriptions of behaviour, status and habitat, range, and distinguishing characteristics. An essential guide for any traveller to the region, or any naturalist with an abiding interest in this spectacular corner of the planet.

231 pages, 33 col plates, 28 line illus, 243 maps.
Princeton UP, USA
Price GBP 52.95 -Edition 3 1998 -
Order Code: #75631W Hardback

Natural Patagonia: Argentina and Chile
Marcelo D Beccaceci

124 pages, col photos.
Pangaea, USA
Price GBP 22.50 - 1998 -
Order Code: #89588W Paperback


Mammals of the Neotropics: Volume 2. Joakim har den.
The Southern Cone: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

John F Eisenberg and Kent H Redford

This volume covers the southern half of South America. After discussing the historical biogeography and contemporary habitats of the region, the authors provide accounts for 360 indigenous species. Each taxonomic group is considered as a whole, and within a worldwide geographical context. A major work, and a vital one considering the current loss of biodiversity in South America.

430 pages, 10 b/w photos, 107 line illus, 352 maps, 8 col plates.
Chicago UP, USA
Price GBP 84.00 - 1992 -
Order Code: #10677W Hardback

Guide to the Mammals of Salta Province, Argentina
(Guia de los Mamiferos de la Provincia de Salta, Argentina)

MA Mares

114 species. Text in Spanish & English.

320 pages, 131 illus. [1989]

Los Mamiferos de los Parques Nacionales de la Argentina
Sofia Heinonen and Juan Chebez

70 pages, figs, maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 22.50 - 1997 -
Order Code: #105123W Paperback

The Red Book of Threatened Mammals of Argentina
Argentinian Society for the Study of Mammals

Categorises 353 mammal species, including their vernacular and scientific names, categories at national and international level, causes of threat, and related comments by an important number of specialists. Includes a source of references to mammals of Argentina in general, and to particular groups of mammals, e.g. marsupials, rodents, carnivores.

Country of Publication: Argentina
Price GBP 23.50 - -
Order Code: #125846W Paperback

Los Mamíferos de Jujuy, Argentina
M Monica Diaz and Ruben M Barquez

Jujuy is an upland area bordering on Chile and Bolivia. This identification guide is the result of a 4-year study. It provides brief descriptions of 150 species, which are illustrated with drawings, including multiple skull drawings.

326 pages, b/w illus, dist maps.
LOLA, Argentina
Price GBP 33.00 - 2002 -
Order Code: #142988W Paperback

Amphibians of Argentina: A Second Update, 1987-2000
Esteban O Lavilla and Jose M Cei

Monographic treatise on the status of Argentinian amphibians from 1987-2000. A general list and description of Argentine taxa is followed by a detailed nomenclatural discussion and joined bibliographic records, together with a number of colour plates pointing out morphologically several of the never reproduced recent species of the list.

177 pages, 8pp col plates.
Torino MRSN, Italy
Price GBP 23.50 - 2001 -
Order Code: #124828W Hardback


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